15+ Easy and Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas for the Indian Bride!




Wedding nail workmanship, or fundamentally the opportunity to have the most astounding nail trim ever is potentially on each lady of the hour's psyche.

Presently, there are relatively few nail workmanship plans that you can discover on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumbler joined that will go with your wedding lehenga. In this way, as consistently we did the examination for you.





1.The glitter nails




2.For the moderate bride




3.The jewel studded




4.For love




5.With one nail done different





6.With every nail differently




7.The gel




8.The floral nails





9.The classic red nails





10.Classic french




11.The metallic





12.The striped




13.Picasso nail art




14.Chic nail art




15.Magnetic design




16.Cartoon design Nail-art




17.Stiletto Nail-art