Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas


Gifting your husband or Gifting your wife





Karwa Chauth, a one-day Hindu celebration connotes the quick (dawn to moonrise), that ladies keep for the life span of their better half. This quick is praised on the fourth day after the full moon in the Kartik month, every year, and is significantly seen in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab. 'Karwa' is another name for an earthen pot, while 'Chauth' signifies fourth in Hindi. There is a conviction that it begun in light of the fact that men must be at war for quite a while, leaving their spouses and youngsters behind. Because of which, ladies petitioned God for the prosperity of their spouses. Ladies start getting ready for this celebration well ahead of time, by purchasing another outfit, embellishments, and puja things. Upon the arrival of the quick, ladies wake up before dawn to eat Sargi and drink water.


In the event that they are hitched, this dinner is typically arranged by the lady's relative. In certain districts, ladies assemble during the night and one of them talks about the importance of the celebration and different stories connected to it. The ladies anticipate the ascent of the moon to break their quick. When the moon is noticeable, contingent upon the traditions every area or family unit pursues, ladies see the moon or its appearance through a strainer.

Therefore, they offer water to the moon and petition God for their better half's long life, wellbeing, and satisfaction. The spouses take a glass of water from the thali and request that their wives take a taste of water to break the quick. Presently, aside from every one of the celebrations, razmataz and the troublesome piece of fasting for nearly the whole day, there is one part of Karwa Chauth which can help up your significant other's state of mind through and through.



1. Gift your wife a decorated Karwa Chauth thali




2. Jewellery




3. Chocklates




4. Watch




5. Cosmatics and Purse