Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is an extraordinary event for both the lady and the man of the hour. Wedding Ceremonies in India comprise of a few customs and ceremonies, beginning from the Pre-Wedding Ceremonies and closure in the Post Wedding Ceremonies. In the wake of experiencing every one of the customs of the principle wedding capacity, a few services are still left. These are known as the post wedding services. Out of the many Post Wedding Ceremonies in India, some significant ones are Vidaai, Dwar-Rokai, Reception, Griha Pravesh, Mooh Dikhai and Pag Phera.

According to Hindu custom, the ceremonies of Vidaai are done at the site of wedding, which is normally the lady of the hour's home. The Vidaai Ceremony is called by the name of the "lady's flight". Vidaai is maybe the most passionate custom in the register of Post Wedding Ceremonies of India. The lady of the hour goes out of her folks and takes the street prompting her better half's home. Family and companions of the lady of the hour present at the wedding likewise shower endowments and blessings other than saying goodbye to her a sorrowful.

Wedding Reception Ceremony is one of the considerable Post-wedding customs in India. It is only a gathering held after the wedding service is finished, so as to acquaint the lady of the hour with the relatives and companions. At times, the gathering is held following the day of marriage while now and again it is conceded to the closest occasion with the goal that a lion's share of the visitors can go to it. In any case, the subtleties of this gathering function differ starting with one society then onto the next, as every one of these social orders is guided by their very own conventions and standards. As indicated by the customs, the new lady of the hour is viewed as Goddess Laxmi.